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Aalrr konungr m King thelred II (the unready) of England, af prep [w dat] from; out of, of, by; off (of); with; adv off, away, afbrag n outstanding example; afbrag eira manna allra the most outstanding of all those men, afbrigi n deviation, transgression, offense, afl n physical strength, might, power; rammr at afli extremely strong, afreksmar m outstanding or exceptional man, afskipta adj indecl cheated; cut off (as from inheritance), aka vb (VI) to drive, ala vb (VI) togive birth to; bring up, raise (children), aldr <-rs, -rar> m age; lifetime; old age; long period of time; vera vi aldr be on in years, old, alin f Old Icelandic ell (about half a yard); unit of value, typically of woolen cloth, alla str m acc pl, f acc sg; wk m acc/dat/gen sg, f acc sg, n all sg of allr, Al(l)fr (also Alfair and Alfr) <-s> m All-father, father of all, Odin, allr adj pron all, entire, whole, all over, allt adv completely, entirely; everywhere; allt til Orkneyja all the way to the Orkney Islands; allt til ess right up to that point; allt upp undir right up under, almenning (also almenningr, m) f common land, pasture; general public; conscription, ala f all the people, the majority of the people, the public, the common people, ambtt (also ambtt) f handmaid, maidservant, annarr adj/pron one of two, other, another; ord second; annarr annarr conj one the other; different, aptann m evening, aptr adv back, again, argr adj cowardly, effeminate, (passively) homosexual, Ari <-a> m Ari (personal name) Ari fri Ari the Learned, armr adj poor, unfortunate, unhappy; vile, wretched, wicked, askr <-s, -ar> m ash, ash tree; ash spear; small ship; the great ash tree, Yggdrasill, Assurr (also zurr) <-s> m Assur (personal name), at prep [w dat] at, in; as to, as, with respect to; on account of, by reason of; close up to, around, by, atall adj fierce, aggressive, Atall <-s> m Atal, name of a Viking (personal name), atburr <-ar, -ir> m occurrence, event; af essum atburi because of this incident, atgrvif and n ability, talent, accomplishment; at atgrvi in ability (esp physical), atgrvimar (also atgervimar) m man of accomplishments, atlaga f attack; laying ships alongside for attack, atrr m rowing towards, rowing against, augari comp adj of auigr richer, wealthier, augastr superl of auigr richest, wealthiest, auigr (also auugr) adj rich, wealthy; auigr at f wealthy, auka vb (VII) toincrease, augment; [w dat] add; exceed, surpass, ausa vb (VII) topour, sprinkle; ausa [e-n]/[e-t] [e-m] sprinkle [sb/sth] with [sth]; ausa bt bail a boat, Austmar (pl Austmenn) m person from the east, Norwegian, austr <-rs, superl austastr> n east; adv eastward, austrfr f (usu in pl) travels to the east, Austri m Austri (personal name)East, one of the dwarves holding the sky, Austrlnd n pl the eastern lands; eastern Europe; Russia and the Orient, austrvegr <-s, -ir> m the east, i.e., the Baltic, lit the eastern way; fara austrveg trading or raiding in the Baltic or journeying east and south down the rivers of Russia, auvirismar m worthless wretch, wretched man, prep [w acc] onto, on, towards (motion); with respect to; [w dat] on; upon; at; in (position); morgun tomorrow, r adv before; already; earlier; r en conj before, until, gtr adj excellent, grip n collection, compendium; ltill gripum small of size, kafliga adv exceedingly, very; vehemently, impetuosly, lim Ali (personal name); old shortening for leifr~lfr, lptanes n Alptanes (place name), Swans Headland, rsll adj fortunate as to the seasonal harvest; allra konunga rslstr of all kings the most harvest-fortunate, rslstr superl adj of rsll most fortunate in the harvest, rvnn adj promising a good seasonal harvest, sbjrn m Asbjorn (personal name), sgarr m Asgard, home, residence or fortress of the gods, sgerr f Asgerd (personal name), sj f help, aid, protection; inspection; appearance, shape, ss m god; sir pl one of the two major groups of gods, st f love, affection (frequently used in plural with same meaning), strr <-ar> f Astrid (personal name) Estrid, tt 2sg pres of eiga; ppart of eiga (n nom/acc sg), tta num eight, t(t)jn num eighteen, valt (also of allt) adv alwaysvanr adj only in n and the phrase [e-s] er vant [sth] is wanted, needed, Balli (also Baldi) m Balli (personal name), band band, cord; the act of binding; pl bands, fetters; poet gods, bardagi m fight, battle; beating, thrashing, bar n brim of a helmet or hat; verge or edge of a hill; prow of a ship, barr n foliage, often needles (of pine, etc. Most Old Norse literature was written in Iceland and includes the Eddas, poems about gods and mythic origins, or the heroes of an earlier age; Scaldic poetry, which was concerned with extolling the virtues and telling tales of the notable exploits of kings and other patrons; and the Sagas, stories of historical figures or groups intended as entertainment. Mjlnir Old Norse Style Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF) Mjlnir Old Norse Style Font is a tribal font inspired by Nordic runes and the Viking era. It was the language of the Vikings or Norsemen. This dictionary, in both Old Norse to English and English to Old Norse versions, is derived from the sources listed at bottom. Hence for landnmsmar look under land-; and for fyrirbja look under fyrir-.Defective Words. specifically designed for ancient scripts, including classical Moreover, a mere table would not be enough to write in Old Norse with runes, it takes a whole tutorial to learn how to do that the way it might have been done on a Viking Age runestone ca. Filters. Additionally, the dental suffix -a- indicates when a weak verb is 1st conjugation. Old Norse Mythology in the Sources | Coursera Kharosthi, Glagolitic, Old Cyrillic, Phoenician, Avestan, Ugaritic, This means I earn a commission if you click on any of them and buy something. Check out our old norse decor selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. In the table below, is the option key, so -e means hold down the option key and press e. Note that the dead key and hold-to-select-alt methods produce single, precomposed characters whereas the combining character method produces two separate characters: the base plus a combining diacritic. Verbs were inflected for tense, mood, person, and number. Introduction to Old Norse - University of Texas at Austin Old Norse Baby Names A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture the god Thor and his thunderous hammer From the lands of present Scandinavia comes the naming tradition of Old Norse - the language of Viking Age, Norse sagas, mythology and Scandinavian folklore! Vikings of Bjornstad - English to Old Norse Dictionary Old Norse name, derived from the element hrr "praise, fame" combined with either geirr "spear" (making it a relation of Hrgeirr), herr "army, warrior" or varr "aware, cautious". Keyboards - Omnitype ra vb (VII) [w dat] to advise, counsel; rule, govern, manage; r lndum ruled over (his) lands; at var rit it was decided; ra at + dat attack r at hskrlum Flosa attacked Flosis men; ra fyrir [e-u] rule over [sth]; ra um vi [e-t] deliberate or think about [sth]; ragr f council; eiga ragr take council, Refr <-s> m Ref (personal name) Fox; Refr inn raui Ref the Red, Refsstair m pl Refsstadir (place name) Refs Farmstead, regin n pl (divine) powers, gods, Reginn <-s> m Regin; son of Hreidmar, brother of Ffnir the dragon, rei f vehicle, wagon, carriage, cart, or chariot; ride, the act of riding, reiask <-ddi, -ddr> vb (2) to become angry, reiifanger, wrath; af reii in anger, out of anger, reisa <-ti, -tr> vb (2) to raise; lta reisa stein have a stone raised, reka vb (V) to drive, herd; drive onto shore, wreck; [w gen] take vengeance for; reka spor follow tracks or footprints, reki m driftage, a thing drifted ashore, wreck, rekja vb (3) to track, trace, renna vb (III) intrans to run, flee; put to flight; melt, renna <-di, -dr> vb (2) trans to make/let run; twart, reyr f rorqual, large baleen whale, Reykjanes n Reykjanes (place name), Smokey Peninsula, Reykjarvk f Reykjavik, Smokey Bay (modern Reykjavk), reyna <-di, -dr> vb (2) to try, prove; experience, rtt adv directly, straight; exactly, precisely; rightly, correctly; from adj rttr, rttr adj straight; correct, right, just, rif n rib; reef (in the sea), Rifsker n Rifsker (place name), Rocky or Rib Reef, rista (also rsta) <-ti, -tr> vb (2) to cut, carve, engrave, ra vb (I) to ride, rki n power; realm; kingdom, rkismar (pl rkismenn) m great man, prominent man, wealthy man, man of power, rsa vb (I) to arise, rise, stand up; rsa upp rise up, get up, rsta vb (I) to cut; carve, engrave; carve, form by carving; lta rsta rnar have runes carved, rta vb (I) to write; scratch, cut, rja vb (II) to redden, rjfa vb (II) to break, rip; break a hole in; rjfa sttml break an agreement or truce; (impers) rfr verit the weather clears, Robertr lngumspai <-s> m Robert Longsword, ra vb (VII) to row, rr m rowing, pulling, rta <-a-> vb (1) [w dat] to throw into disorder; rta [e-u] sundr knock [sth] apart, rn f secret, mystery; rune, a letter in the runic futhark, rna <-di, -dr ~ -ti, -tr> vb (2) to rob, steal, plunder; rna [e-n] [e-t] rob [sb] of [sth], ra <-ddi, -ddr> vb (2) to speak; converse, discuss, Rgnvaldr <-s~ar> m Rognvald (personal name), rskr adj sturdy, vigorous, brave, rst f unit of distance between two resting places (perhaps equivalent to the Old Scandinavian mile), saga f what is said, story, saga, tale, legend, history; saga til [e-s] a story about [sth]; n vkr sgunni now it [the subject] in the saga moves, sakna <-a> vb (1) [w gen] to miss, feel the loss of, salr m hall, samfr f (usu in pl) relationship, marriage, samr adj pron same; ina smu ntt on the same night; it sama the same, likewise, sautjn (also sjautjn) num seventeen, s vb (VII) to sow, segja vb (3) to say; segja fr [e-u] reveal, tell about [sth]; segja [e-m] til [e-s] tell, inform [sb] of [sth]; segja til sn give ones name, sekr adj guilty; convicted, condemned to outlawry; gera [e-n] sekan condemn [sb] to outlawry, selja <-di, -dr> vb (2) to hand over to another; sell; seljast mid give oneself up, sem rel particle who, which, that; conj as; [w superl] as as possible; where, setja <-tti, -ttr> vb (2) to set, seat, place; setja til rkis put in power; setja at [e-m] attack [sb];setja push; setja saman set up, put together; setja upp set, stand up; setja vi prepare; setjask mid seat oneself, sit, sextn num sixteen, s 1/3sg & 3pl pres subjunct of vera (see also sj, sga), sia <-a-> vb (2) to get people to conduct themselves properly; to introduce order; to convert (to Christianity), siar ppart of sia (m nom sg), behaved, mannered, SigfairmVictory-father, a name for inn, Sighvatr <-s> m Sighvat (personal name); Sighvatr inn raui Sighvat the Red, Sigrr f Sigrid (personal name), Sigtryggr <-s> m Sigtrygg (personal name), Sigurr <-ar> m Sigurd (personal name); Sigurr slefa Sigurd the Slobberer, sik refl acc pron him-/her-/it-/oneself, themselves; undir sik under himself, Silfrintoppr m Silfrintopp (mythological name) Silver-Tuft or Silver-Mane, horse of the sir, sinn n time (of repetition); eitt sinn one time; einu sinni once; hvert sinn every, sinn refl poss pron his, her, its, their own, sitja vb (V) to sit; reside, sr adj long, low-hanging, sga vb (I) to sink gently down; glide, move slowly, Sreksstair m pl Sireksstadir (place name) Sireks Farmstead, sj vb (V) to see, look; understand; sj [e-m] look upon [sb], Sjland n Zealand, Sjlland in modern Danish (place name), sjlfr adj pron self, oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves, sjvarafli m catch of fish, bounty of the sea, sjnhverfing f optical illusion (caused by a spell), sjr m sea; fyrir ofan sj above the waterline, skafa vb (VI) toscrape, shave, skaka vb (VI) to shake, skalat = skal + -(a)t; shall not, -(a)t is a negative suffix, Skalla-Grmr <-s> m Skalla-Grim, Bald-Grim (personal name), skammt adv short distance, not far (place), skapa <-a-; skepr, skp, skpu, skapinn> vb (wk/str 1/VI)to shape, form, make, create, skapt n handle, shaft; hvu skapti on a long shaft, skarpr adj scorched, pinched, chafing, Skney f Skne, Denmark (place name), now part of Sweden, sker n skerry, isolated rock sticking out of the sea, skemar (alsoskmar)<-manns, -menn>mimpostor; hypocrite, skera vb (IV) to cut, skilja <-di~i, skilir~skildr~skilinn> vb (2) to part, separate, divide; understand; skilr um [e-t] impers they fall out over, differ, disagree about [sth]; skiljask mid separate, part from each other, skillingr <-s, -ar> m shilling, i.e., piece of money; pl money, Skinna-Bjrn m Bjorn Fur-Skins (personal name), skipa <-a-> vb (2) to arrange, array; man, occupy, skipfr f voyage, sailing, passage of a ship, skipta <-ti, -tr> vb (2) [w dat] to divide; share; change, sk n ski, piece of wood; sk Atals grundar ski of the land of Atal (kenning for ship), skna vb (I)to shine, skjlfa vb (III) to tremble, shake, skjta vb (II) to shoot, skjtari comp adj of skjtr quicker, swifter, skjldr m shield, Skjldr m Skjold (personal name), SkollmSkoll, the wolf that pursues the sun, skorta <-ti, -t> vb (2) to be lacking to one; [e-n] skortir [e-t] [sb] is short of [sth], skr m shoe, skra vb (I) to crawl, Skrlingr <-s, -ar~-jar> m term referring to natives of North America and Greenland (derogatory), Skuld f Skuld (mythological name,) Debt, that which should become, one of the three Norns, skulu pret-pres vb shall (obligation, purpose, necessity, fate); should, skurr <-ar, -ir> m cutting, slice; a trench; the flensing of a whale, Sktaar-Skeggi m Skeggi of Skutad (personal name), skyld f tax, due; incumbrance (on an estate); reason, sake, skyldr adj bound, obliged; due; urgent; related by kinship, skyldi 3sg past & 3sg/pl past subjunct of skulu/skyldu, skynda <-di, -dr> vb (2)[w dat] to hurry, hasten, skynja <-a-> vb (1) to perceive, make out, understand, Skfnungr (also Skflungr) m Skofnung, possibly Shin Bone, the name of King Hrolfs sword, skkull m harness, skrungr <-s, -ar> m notable man or woman, leader, sl vb (VI) to strike; forge, slefafsaliva, slobber; slobberer (nickname), sleikja <-i- / -ti-, -r- / -tr-> vb (2) to lick, sleppa vb (III) to slip; escape, slip away; fail, slip up, slrar (also slrir) f pl sheath, scabbard, slngva (also slngva) f sling, sma <-a-> vb to create, make, build, erect; forge; work in wood or metal, smjga vb (II) to creep through an opening; pierce, Smjrvatnsheir f Smjorvatnsheid (place name), Butter-Lake Heath, sneia <-ddi, -ddr> vb (2) to slice; glance off, snemma (also snimma) adv early, snerta vb (III) to touch; concern, sna vb (VII) to turn; twist, plait, braid; snask til turn oneself to, sofa vb (IV) to sleep, sofna <-a-> vb (1) to fall asleep; vera sofnar have fallen asleep, sokkr <-s, -ar> m sock, stocking; einir sokkar a pair of socks, sonargjld n pl wergeld, ransom, or compensation for a dead son, sonr m son, spakara comp adv of adj spakr more wisely, spakr adj wise, sp <-i, spt> vb (2)to prophesy, fortell, spnn (also spnn) m chip, shaving; spoon, spilla <-ti, -tr> vb (2) [w dat] to spoil, destroy, spillirmspoiler; spillir bauga spoiler of rings, generous prince, spinna vb (III)to spin, sporntrack, trail, footprint; step, foothold, spretta vb (III) to spring up, burst forth; start, spring; sprout, springa vb (III) to jump, spring; issue forth; burst; die from overexertion or grief, spyrja vb (3) to ask; hear, hear of, learn, be informed of, find out; spyrja til [e-s] have news of [sb], learn of [sb]; spyrja [e-n] at [e-u] ask [sb] about [sth]; spyrjask mid, staddr (ppart of steja) placed, present; situated, star m stead, parcel of land; place, spot; abode, dwelling, stafr m wooden staff, stick; pole, timber, standa vb (VII) to stand; stay, remain; stand, stick; rest, stop; befit, become; catch, overtake; standa af [e-u] be caused by [sth]; standa undir [e-u] be subject to [sth]; standa undir [e-t] support, approve of [sth]; standa vi [e-u] withstand [sth]; standa yfir last, stanga <-a-> vb (1) to ram, (head)butt, gore (of cattle); stangask mid butt each other, steja <-ddi, -ddr> vb (2) to stop; fix, settle, stefna <-di, -dr> vb (2) to aim at, go in a certain direction; call, call together, summon, stefna f direction, course; meeting; appointment; summons, Steinbjrn m Steinbjorn, Stone-Bear (personal name), steinn <-s, -ar> m stone; cave or stone dwelling; poet precious stone, jewel, steint ppart of steina; steint mjk fully painted, stela (IV) vb tosteal, sterkr adj strong, Stiklastair m pl Stiklastad (place name), stikublgr m stick-gazer, miser (nickname), stirr adj stiff, rigid; harsh, severe, stga vb (I) to step, tread; stga hest mount a horse, stjarna f star, stjrna <-a> vb (1) [w dat] to rule over, govern, command, stofa f stove room, a room in a long house, secondary to the eldaskli and warmed by a stove of flat stones; served as a living room, where women worked the looms, families sat in the evenings, and feasts were held, stokkr <-s, -ar> m trunk or log of wood; wooden beam; base under an anvil, stll <-s, -ar> m stool, chair; bishops see; kings throne or residence, stlkonungr <-s, -ar> m throne-king, emperor, strlti n pride; overbearing; liberality, strr adj big, strandhggnshore raid, piracy; hggva strandhgg engage in piracy, Strandir f pl Strandir (place name), the Strands, straumr m stream, strengja <-da, -dr> vb (2) to swear solemnly; string tight, strjka vb (II) to stroke, rub, wipe; caress; smooth, brush, strnd f strand, coast, shore; border, edge, stundum stundum conj sometimes sometimes, at times at times, stra <-i, -t> vb (4)[w dat] to steer, command; rule, govern; manage, strimar (pl strimenn) m captain, steersman, stlinum = stli + inum, dat sg of stull, stull m milking pen (for cows), stkkva vb (III) to spring, burst, leap; be sprinkled, stng f staff, pole, Sureyjarfpl the Hebrides (from a Norwegian perspective, lit the South Isles), Suri m Sudri (mythological name) South, dwarf who holds up the sky, Surmar m South-man, southerner; a German, a Saxon, sumar n summer; um sumarit in the summer; hvert sumar every summer, sundfrr adj able to swim; sundfrr of s sea-worthy, lit able to swim over the sea, s f sg dem of s that (one), spa vb (II) to sip, drink; take a sip, Svartlfheimr mSvartalfheim (mythological name) world of the dark elves, sv adv so, thus; such; then; so (denoting degree); sv at such that, with the result that; sv sem so as, as; sv mikill at so great, sveinn <-s, -ar> m boy, lad; servant; page, Sveinn tjguskegg m Svein Forkbeard, king of Denmark (9871014), sveit f group or body of men; troop, band, company; region, district, svelgja vb (III) ti swallow, svelta [w dat] vb (III) to starve, die (of starvation); suffer hunger; svelta hungri die of hunger, sverja vb (VI) swear (an oath), svimma vb (III) to swim, svipta <-ti, -tr> vb (2) to sweep; throw, fling, sva vb (I) to singe, burn, svkja vb (I) to betray, deceive, cheat, defraud, Svvr f Svivor, a giantess killed by Thor, syngja (also syngva) vb (III) to sing, systir f sister, sna <-di, -dr> vb (2) to show; snask mid seem, appear, shafa indecl adj sea-tossed, driven off ones course; vera shafa be driven off-course, Shrmnir m Shrimnir, the boar who feeds the warriors in Valhll, sll adj fortunate, happy, sr m sea, sta <-tta, -tt> vb (4) [w dat] to wait in ambush, waylay; undergo, suffer; bring about, cause, stt f settlement, reconciliation, atonement, agreement; at stt as atonement, stta <-tti, -ttr> vb (2) to reconcile; make peace among; sttask mid come to terms, settle, agree, be reconciled, skja vb (3) to seek; pursue; skja til [e-s] seek out [sb], sk f cause, reason, sake; fyrir [e-s] sakar on account of, because of [sth], skkva vb (III) to sink, smu str n dat sg, wk f acc/dat/gen sg & all wk nom/acc/gen pl of samr, taka vb (VI) to take, catch, seize; take hold of, grasp; reach, touch; [w inf] begin; impers [e-t] taka af [sth] comes loose, comes off; [sth] ceases; taka arf inherit; taka [e-t] [e-u] touch [sth] with [sth]; taka [e-m] fegins hendi receive [sb] gladfully, joyfully; taka sundr cut asunder; taka hafi take to sea; taka [e-n] hndum seize or capture [sb]; taka upp [e-t] pick up [sth]; taka vi [e-m] take in, receive, or welcome [sb] into ones house; taka vi [e-u] receive, take possession of, acquire, inherit [sth]; taka til begin; takask mid begin; take place; behave takask til happen, tala <-a-> vb (1) to talk, speak; tala vi [e-n] speak to [sb], Tanngnjstr m Tooth Gnasher, one of the goats that pulls Thors chariot, Tanngrisnir m Snarl Tooth, one of the goats that pulls Thors chariot, telgja <-i, -r>vb (2) to shape, hew, carve, cut, telja vb (3) to count; reckon, consider, temja vb (3)to tame; train, exercise, tigr m ten; a decade, til prep [w gen] to; till; for (of use); for (of object, intention); with respect to ;alt er til vpna var everything that could be used as a missle; brjta legg til mergjar break a leg to get at the marrow; til vista var eigi gott they were not well off for provisions, tara comp adv of ttt more frequently, more quickly, tast superl adv of ttt, quickest, most frequent; sem tast immediately, tindi (also tendi) n pl news, events, tidings, tvarmpl gods (plural only, in poetic usage), tjaldatppart of tjalda, tented; Skipit flaut tjaldat The ship floated tented [with a sail cloth over the mast serving as a tent], topt <-ir> f homestead; the walls or foundations of a (former) building, tlfrr adj counted by twelves, twelve tens, tr n tree; wood, troa vb (V) to tread; cram, pack; troask mid crowd upon each other, troll (also trll) n monstrous inhuman creature; human with troll characteristics, tra (also tr) f faith, word of honor; (religious) belief, tungaftongue; language, tongue; tongue of land at the meeting of two rivers, tuttugu num twenty, tn n enclosure, farmstead; hayfield, homefield; poet dwellings, precincts, tveir num two, typpa <-ti~typi, -tr~typr> vb (2) to top, crown, tja <3sg pres tr, 3sg past ti> vb (2) to do, work; [w dat] help, assist; impers avail, ti ekki it was of no avail, tna <-di, -dr> vb to lose, forget, mistake; tnask mid to perish, tnn f tooth, um prep [w acc] about; around; across; for, because of; beyond; during, for, in, by (time); [w datin poetic and older texts] over; by, in (time); [w vb of motion] over, past, beyond, across; um alla hluti in every way; fram um or um fram [w vb of motion] on past, up beyond, out over; um dag one day; um ntr by night; um sumarit during the summer; um fram adv in addition; um sinnsakar for this once, um adv, pre-verbal particle (untranslatable, but carrying connotation of completion), umhverfis prep [w acc] round, all around; adv there about, all around, una <-i/di, unat, subjunct yni> vb (4) to be content in a place; to like/be satisfied Gullharaldr undi miklu verr enn r GullHarald liked this much less than before; enjoy, be happy, be content with a thing unu eir ar litla hr they were content there only a little while; eir undu illa snum hlut they very much disliked their lot; dwell, stay, abide, live at; [w dat], undan prep [w dat] from under, from beneath; away from; just off, near to, undir (also und) prep [w acc/dat] under, underneath; [w dat] under, depending on; undir sr with him, undirhyggjumar m guileful or deceitul person, ungr adj young, unna pret-pres vb togrant, allow, bestow; [w dat] love; unna [e-m] [e-s] let [sb] have [sth], Unnr (also Ur) f Unn (personal name), uppi adv up (position); vera uppi live, last, upplenzkr adj of or pertaining to the Uplands (Norwegian highlands), Upplnd n pl Uplands (place name) Norwegian highlands, Urarbrunnr m Urdarbrunn, the Well of Fate, Urr f Urd, Fate, that which should become, one of the three Norns, uxi (also oxi) m ox, t adv out, outward (motion toward), out to Iceland, tan adv from outside; from abroad, from Iceland, from without; (without motion) outside, tanverr adj outward, outside, outer part of, tgarr m Utgard, the Outer Enclosures, the home of the giants (place name), ti adv out (place), outside, out-of-doors, vaa vb (VI) wade (through water); rush (at an opponent), vakna <-a-> intrans vb (1) to awake, get up, Valaskjlf f Valaskjalf, Odins silver-roofed hall, Valdres n Valdres, highland region in Norway, Valir m pl inhabitants (esp Celtic) of France, valr m corpses on the battlefield, the slain, vandaml n complicated case, difficult matter, Vanir m pl one of the two major groups of gods, vanr adj accustomed, wont; vanr [e-u] accustomed to [sth]; usual, varveita <-tta, -ttr> vb (2)to keep, preserve, watch, defend, varr adj aware; cautious, wary, vas (older form of var) 1/3sg past of vera, vatn n water, fresh water; lake, vaxa vb (VI) to grow, vgskorinn ppart vgr + skorinn, bay-cut, with bays or inlets, vn f hope, expectation, prospect, vndr adj (qualitatively) bad, wretched; (morally) bad, wicked, vpndjarfr adj fearless, gallant, daring in battle; inn vpndjarfasti the most fearless in battle, Vr f perhaps a goddess associated with pledges; Vrar hendi by the hand of Var, Verflnir m Vedrfolnir, the hawk which sits between the eyes of the eagle atop Yggdrasill, vefa vb (IV) to weave, vega vb (V) to kill, slay; fight, veggr m wall, vegr m way, road; mode, manner; direction; side, veir f hunting, fishing, catch, veita <-tti, -ttr> vb (2) to grant, give, offer; assist; veita [e-m] atgngu attack [sb]; veita [e-m] atlgu attack [sb]; veita atrr set out rowing (toward); [e-m] veita betr [sb] has the better of it; veita tilkall make a claim, veiztu = veizt 2sg pres of vita, you know, vekja trans vb (3) to wake, awake; vekja [e-n] upp wake [sb] up, vel adv well; very; vel at sr gifted, capable, vera vb (V) to be; last; vera fyrir lead; vera ar fyrir be there present; vera vel at kominn be welcome; vera vi be present, take part in, vera vb (III) tobecome, happen; have to; vera at [e-u] become [sth]; vera at grjti turn to stone; vera at stt reconcile; vera shafa be driven off-course (when sailing), Verandi f Verdandi (mythological name) Becoming or Happening, one of the three norns, verr adj [w gen] worthy; verr [e-s] worthy of [sth], verja defend, verja [e-u] keep [sth] away; verjask mid defend oneself, verpa vb (III) to throw, verr <-s, -ar> m [poet] husband; [pl] men, verst superl adv of illa worst; sem verst as bad as it can be, as bad as possible, verstr superl adj of illr and vndr worst, vestr n west; adv westward, vestr um haf, west over the ocean (to Britain), Vestri m Vestri (mythological name) dwarf who holds up the sky, Vestribygg f Western Settlement (place name), part of Norse Greenland, Vestrlnd n pl the Weslands, the British Isles and France, vestrvegir m pl the west, i.e., toward the British Isles and beyond, lit the western ways, vetr m winter; um vetrinn for the winter, V m son of Bor and Bestla, brother of Odin, vla <-ti, -tr> vb (2) to defraud, betray, seduce, vi prep [w acc] with; at, by, close to; according to, after; [w dat] against; toward; with; in exchange for, for, viartaug f flexible and tough twig, vir m tree; forest, wood; timber, vitaka f reception, Vilhjlmr m William (personal name); Vilhjlmr bastarr m William the Conqueror, illegitimate son of Robert Longsword, Vili m Vili, son of Bor and Bestla, brother of Odin, vilja <2/3sg pres vill, vildi, viljat> vb (4) to wish, want, vintta f friendship (esp a sincere, personal friendship), vinda vb (III) totwist, wring, squeeze; wind, hoist; turn, swing; vindask mid make a sudden movement, turn oneself away, vinfenginfriendship (esp a contractual alliance), vingr adj good towards ones friends, friendly, Vinglf n Vingolf, Friendly Quarters; one of the halls of the gods where righteous men go after death, vinna vb (III) to gain, win; work; perform, accomplish; vinna herskap [e-m] win battles against [sb]; mid vinnask win or gain for oneself; s at at in var unnnin they saw that the river was taken, vira <-i, -r> vb (2) to evaluate, value, appaise, vista <-a-> trans vb (1) lodge, find lodging, furnish with food and provisions; vistask mid intrans lodge, take up lodging, stay, vitnsense, wit, intelligence, understanding, vit pron we (dual), vita pret-pres vb toknow; vita fram or vita fyrir know the future, foresee, vitja <-a-> vb (1) [w gen] to go to a place; visit, vitr adj wise, intelligent, vitrastr superl adj of vitr wisest, most intelligent, vg n battle; homicide, manslaughter, killing, vgja <-i, -r> vb (2) to consecrate, hallow, vgr adj able to fight; vgr vel well-skilled in arms, vking f raid; vking on a raid, vkingavrr <-varar, -verir> m Viking-Guard (coast guard against Vikings), vkja vb (I) [w dat] to move, turn; impers n vkr sgunni now the saga shifts, Vnland n Vinland (place name) Wine Country, region along the North American Atlantic; Vnland it ga Wineland the Good, same, vgja <-i, -t> vb (4) [w dat] to spare; give way to, vnn adj beautiful, fine, handsome; likely, to be expected; hopeful, promising, vnta <-ti, vnt> vb (2) [w gen] to expect, hope for, Vringi m Varangian, the name of the Norse warriors who served as bodyguards to the emperors of Constantinople in the Varangian Guard, vttr f creature, being; supernatural being, spirit, vllr m field, plain, vlva f seeress, sybil, vrr m warden; coastguard, watchman, vrr m pull of an oarvxtr m size, stature, growth; shape, yfir prep [w acc/dat] over, above, across; adv over, Yggr m Ygg (mythological name) Terrible One, a name of Odin, YggdrasillmYggdrasil, name of the World Tree, Ynglingar m pl Ynglings (personal name) Swedish-Norwegian dynasty; descendants of the god Yngvi, yrkja vb (3) to work, esp cultivate; compose (verses); yrkja [e-t] set about; mid attack one another, yrkisk um [e-t] it begins, Ze drttning in rka f Empress Zoe the Great, aan adv from there, thence; aan fr from that point onward, angat adv to there, thither (motion toward), angbrandr <-s> Thangbrand (personal name), annug (also annig) adv thither, that way (= ann + veg); thus, at pron it; n nom/acc of dem s that (one), au n pl pron they; those (ones), ttr m tale, short, egar adv at once, immediately; already; egar morgin first thing in the morning; egar unga aldri already by a young age; egar um haustit that very autumn; conj as soon as, when, egja vb (3) to be silent, keep ones mouth shut, egnskapr m generosity, open-handedness, eim m dat sg of dem s that (one) & all dat pl of eir/r/au they; those (ones), eima (also essum) m dat sg & all dat pl of essi, eir pron they; those (ones) (m pl), eira (also eirra) pron gen pl of eir/r/au they; their, ekkja <-ti~ekti~eki~tti, -tr~ektr~ekr> vb (3) to perceive, notice; know, recognize; ekkjast mid know one another, essi (also sj) dem pron this, these, r pl pron you; r frequent dat of ; see r, iggja vb (V) to accept; receive; accept lodgings, ingmar (pl ingmenn) m thingman, follower of an Icelandic chieftain, it dual pron you, j f people, nation, ola vb (4) to tolerate, endure, orbjrg <-bjargar> f Thorbjorg (personal name), orgeirr <-s> m Thorgeir (personal name); orgeirr flskubakr Thorgeir Flask-Back, orgerr f Thorgerd (personal name), orgils m Thorgils (personal name); orgils orsteinssonar Thorgils, son of Thorstein (personal name), orkell <-s> m Thorkel (personal name); orkell Geitisson m Thorkel, son of Geitir, orsteinn <-s> m Thorstein (personal name); orsteinn hvti m Thorstein the White, rir m Thorir (personal name), rr m Thor, god of thunder, husband of Sif, son of Odin and Earth, rasa <3sg pres rasir> vb (2) be belligerent, reifa <-a-> vb (1) touch or feel with ones hand; reifask mid fumble, grope, rekvirki n courageous deed, feat of strength, rettn num thirteen, rii ord num third, rii m Third, one of the three interrogators of King Gylfi, rfa vb (I) grasp; rfa til [e-s] grab hold of [sb/sth], rr num three, rvangar m pl Plains of Strength, Thors domain, umall m thumb, ungr adj heavy, urfa pret-pres vb [aux] need; [w gen] need, have need of, urs m giant, ogre, pron you (sg), sund <-ar, -ir> f thousand, usually long thousand, twelve hundred, v vb (VI) to wash. verra vb (III) to wane, decrease, grow less, vinnill <-s> m Thvinnil, name of a Viking (personal name), vgit = v-gi at [w comp adj] not the; vgit fleira no more, not much more, ykkja vb impers (3) seem to be, [w dat subj] to think/believe, seem (to one); ykkjask mid seem to one, think oneself, a (-ddi, -ddr) vb (2) to explain, interpret; signify; win over; ask [e-n] mid associate with [sb], r pron f pl they; those (ones), r f ewe or female sheep (with article rin, nn, nni, na, pl rnar, num, nna); r ok lmb ewes and lambs; kr ok r cows and ewes; see saur, sir m pl of ss, one of the two major groups of gods, tla <-a-> vb (1) to intend, purpose, mean; think, consider, tt f family, kindred; generation, tti 3sg & pl past subjunct of eiga vi f indecl age, time; alla vi for all time, forever, pa <-ti, -t> vb (4)to cry, scream, shout, xla <-ti, -tr> vb (2) tocause increase, multiply, ld f age, time; poet man pl mankind, men, llu n sg dat; weak m/f/n nom/acc/gen of allr, lvir m Olvir (personal name), nd f breath; life; spirit, soul, ndttr krka m Ondott Crow (personal name), rendislauss adj without effect, purposeless, lit errand-less, rendislaust adv without purpose, in vain, for nothing; fara rendislaust go in vain, without a purpose or reason, rn m eagle, x f axe, xarfjrrmOxarfjord, Axe Fjord (place name), Jules William Press is a small press devoted to publishing the best about the Viking Age, Old Norse, and the Atlantic and Northern European regions.
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